38 Margaret Street

38 Margaret Street, London W1G

Award Winner

Renovation of existing offices to create a contemporary commercial workspace 3 minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus in Central London.

CGL were appointed to prepare and administer the detail design of the communal entrance and associated office space in co-ordination with the Principle Contractor. The existing building was tired and in need of refurbishment, but most notably the existing internal spaces had become disjointed and compartmented over time due to piecemeal renovations. CGL developed a set of design proposals for the client focusing on the key spaces moving through the building; entrance hall, communal areas and office space.

The concept was to perceptually expand the internal spaces by simplifying the layouts, materiality and detailing internally to create a clean, contemporary and vibrant office building. As you entered the existing entrance hall the space felt closed-in and uncomfortable due to the low ceiling and a small decommissioned lift core that visually and physically obstructed the path into the building. The full width of the entrance hall was reinstated and the existing ceiling lifted to maximise the physical space in the entrance. This is further enhanced by a full height mirrored wall on one side of the space combined with a series of coloured timber profiles which wrap up onto the ceiling from the opposing wall.

The design approach and materiality is consistent throughout giving an overall cohesion to the project but the small variations in detailing give a subtle variance and visual interest to the internal offices which now benefit from open plan layouts that allow daylight to permeate the space.

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