TfL Rickmansworth Operations Centre

Rickmansworth, Herts

A new build facility for TfL on a narrow and restricted site at the foot of the railway embankment and facing a local conservation area. The building provides accommodation for Rickmansworth Station Management and facilities for train crew.

Opened in March 2008, the operations building comprises a restaurant, internet cafe and shower and changing rooms for train operators as well as a range of offices.

Clad in natural materials, the external finishes were selected to be low maintenance with brick cladding interspersed with panels of green oak. The building is carefully orientated to avoid overlooking the neighbouring houses and broken up to reduce its scale, tested through public consultations at the early stages of the design process.

The site is bordered by the railway line with its cable systems and services and a narrow residential street. The scheme was developed on a tightly confined site at the foot of a steep incline with issues of public access, local resident’s privacy and direct access for rail staff from the platform.

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