Leigh Street Works

High Wycombe

Completion: Ongoing

Client: IDM Properties


The Team:

Simon Child

Jonathan Keysell

Andrzej Gierak



The ambition for the Leigh Street Works site is to create a thriving and vibrant new business and residential community, set within a high quality environment, which will provide the focus for regeneration in the wider Desborough area of High Wycombe.

The developed is focussed on Birch House, a local landmark for this area, with elements of new-build to run alongside it that respect the original building and compliment it as its setting. It is proposed that the new building will reflect the existing building in terms of its form, while at the same time clearly differentiating itself from its older neighbour. The two forms will sit side-by-side, yet separated with a respectful gap; the roof angles, form ratio and rhythm of fenestration in the proposed building will echo that of Birch House; and ultimately the new building will remain subservient to Birch House, while still being of a quality that does justice to its proximity to this heritage asset.  The proposals ensure a quality environment for the occupiers by providing a large amount of amenity space, including public, shared and private, with the introduction of new landscaping including new trees on Leigh Street, within Leigh Court and Wheelers Yard.


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