Alex Solomon on AI in Architects Journal

Our architect Alex features in the latest issue of the Architects Journal , focused upon AI and its use in practice.

'Child Graddon Lewis architects has started to incorporate AI-assisted design within its practice, mainly using PromeAI at the start of a new design and during the early, conceptual stages of the design process. Architect Alex Solomon says it gives them a richer palette of creative opportunities, allowing them to refine their approach to generating architectural images.

'He says this has changed how long the practice spends on the initial design phase, allowing them to spend more time on refining designs by allowing for quicker exploration of initial options.

'The ability of PromeAI to quickly generate various design options and adjustments to spatial layouts can help speed up work, he says, allowing them to concentrate more on improving and detailing projects while at the same time making it easier to share concepts more vividly and clearly.'
— Rob Wilson, Architecture Editor, The Architects' Journal


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