CGL Architect spends day educating primary students on a career in the built environment



Last week, CGL architect Moni Rahman volunteered his time to share the story of his career path and impart his knowledge of the industry on some of the younger students at Riverley Primary School, where his two sons currently attend.   

As a practising architect, Moni was more than happy to volunteer to present to the children of year 3, 4, and 5 to discuss architecture and what architects do on a day-to-day basis. Moni also gave the students a short presentation on historical architecture from around the world and on what types of buildings you can find in London.  

Of his presentation, Moni commented: “It was a very enjoyable experience and the response and knowledge of the young children at Riverley was most impressive! The reason these types of presentations are so important is so that children can better understand the various career paths in architecture and the built environment. It is our duty as professionals to provide education to the next generation that will inspire them with knowledge, understanding and enlightenment, allowing them to take an interest in what architecture is, and share a first-hand experience.

“The feedback from the children has been fantastic; I felt the interaction and debate really benefitted both me and the children especially in terms of looking at better ways we can collaborate in architecture.”  

Rachael Ryder, a teacher at Riverley Primary School, said of Moni’s presentation: “You had the children so engaged and I know they will remember this for years to come. Hopefully you have helped some young minds decide that they would like to follow this career path too.”

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