CGL is announced as newest sponsor of Velocity Magazine



Child Graddon Lewis (CGL) is proud to be named a sponsor of Velocity Magazine, published by Toby Fox of 3Fox International Ltd. The new magazine and online media channel will provide outlets for the industry's avid cyclists, with a focus on how the sport can impact both the built environment and general day-to-day wellbeing. In partnership with Club Peloton, ING Media and Symmetrys, the purpose of Velocity is simple: “people, property and bikes”. 

James Felstead, director at CGL, comments: "Our connection was initially formed from the simple sheer pleasure and enthusiasm for riding a bike. Out of that initial connection evolved inspiring conversations, ideas and connections with those interested in exploring how cycling may bring improvements to our lives and the cities we inhabit. With such a broad spread across the property industry, Velocity feels perfectly timed to help shape and nurture that burgeoning dialogue. A platform for insight and dialogue but produced with the passion and joy of a fanzine. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?"

Toby Fox, Velocity publisher, comments: "It's a niche, but it's growing so quickly. It seems that every time I'm at a property event it's only a matter of minutes before I'm with a fellow cycling enthusiast trying to persuade them to ride down to MIPIM - or sharing our pain about training rides. We're brought together by cycling and by our work, so it makes perfect sense for there to be a magazine bringing our personal and professional interests together."

"We're really pleased that it seems we're pushing at something of an open door when it comes to marrying cycling with people and property," said Velocity editor David Taylor. "And we’re really grateful – 'V V grateful' in fact – that our ace sponsors share our vision. Chapeaux all round!"

For more information on Velocity and CGL's involvement, click here


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